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TwinMelt®: Lohmann develops state-of-the-art technology for sustainable bonding solutions without solvents

A significantly reduced carbon footprint and another big step towards sustainable adhesive bonding: Lohmann's “Bonding Pioneers” are starting the year 2021 with their new TwinMelt® technology.
On a worldwide unique, partially patented, plant developed for Lohmann with various technology partners, the well-established high-tech adhesive tapes of the 170-year-old company from Neuwied, Germany, are taken to a new level. By means of a smart process which even allows for a combination of different materials, features and properties. New carrier materials, solvent-free acrylic and rubber systems are used for individual customer requirements and toll coating in every industry; from Automotive, Graphics, Home Appliance & Electronics to Industrial and Medical. And all of this is 100% solvent-free.

Doing without solvents and compromises: With TwinMelt®, Lohmann creates a bonding technology that simultaneously meets the needs of the market and protects the environment. It enables emission savings of up to 3,500 t of CO2 per year – a value equivalent to the CO2 storage of 7,000 trees. Future-oriented materials and adhesive systems as well as an energy-efficient process control are the main factors within this optimized value chain.

"With TwinMelt® into the future & beyond: We think Lohmann Beyond! Together with our customers. We not only take our responsibility for sustainable environmental practices seriously, but personally," says Dr. Carsten Herzhoff, Technical Chief Officer at Lohmann.

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