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You may keep it cool: Lohmann's new application guide for cooling devices

Hardly any other industry is developing so rapidly and confronting manufacturers with such complex and diverse requirements as the consumer goods and electronics industry
In addition to size, shape and performance, design plays an increasingly important role. In addition, the devices are becoming more and more “intelligent”; large LCD and TFT screens can now also be found in ovens, refrigerators and other household appliances.

Lohmann's Bonding Engineers deliver innovative adhesive connections for this – tailor-made and secure. And they have the process in mind the same time: From the first idea, through product development, testing and quality assurance to the final integration into the customer process.

As smart as this “bonding approach” are the products of the Neuwied adhesive experts: They combine a wide variety of functions that go beyond simple bonding. The high-end adhesive tapes enable transparent and ultra-thin bonds, efficient seals and insulation and are used in thermally or electrically conductive applications.

In their new "Application Guide for Refrigerators and Freezers", the Bonding Engineers are now providing information about the special application possibilities of their adhesive all-rounders in refrigerators for the household and industrial appliance sector. Download it right here and find out more – so that you may keep cool during your adhesive process.

 Application Guide Cool de.pdf  Application Guide Cool en.pdf 

Do you have an application challenge for us? Our Home Appliance & Electronics experts are looking forward to your message:

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