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Hoşgeldiniz, bienvenidos, welcome: Visit our new Lohmann LinkedIn pages!

For almost 170 years, the Bonding Engineers, headquartered in Neuwied, Germany, have been delivering innovative bonding solutions to their customers around the world.
It is particularly important to them to be there for their partners on site – at 29 international subsidiaries in 50 countries.

Thanks to COVID-19, this approach has increasingly become a digital one: Whether by phone, video conference or e-mail – customers did not have to do without the usual service, the "Smart Bonding Approach", of the adhesive bonding experts.

In order to reach local customers even better, three sub-pages are now available in addition to the international Lohmann LinkedIn account: Lohmann Spain, Lohmann Turkey and Lohmann United Kingdom await their followers with exciting news about regional activities, products and applications – in the respective local language! Further accounts are already being planned. However, followers from France, Italy and Poland have recently also been able to enjoy postings in their own language: via the main Lohmann channel, they are specifically addressed in French, Italian and Polish.

Find out about the news from Lohmann around the globe and follow our local accounts!

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