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Working the new normal

We take health serious, yours and ours.
 2020_Normalität_2.0.jpgCovid-19 challenged us to implement and focus on alternative forms of communication to stay in touch with you. We handled the mandatory distance together with you – by phone calls, email and virtual conferences.

With infection rates coming down, our everyday life is step by step returning to normal – a new kind of normal. We are ready to work this new normal, together with you.

Like our bonding solutions, we adapt: We’ll act with you, virtually or on-premise. When we drive joint projects forward, perform tests and commence trainings and workshops, we concentrate on your and our safety. We always carry protective equipment with us, whether we’re visiting you or you meet us at a Lohmann site.

Are you ready for the next steps? Let’s work together on this.

Your Bonding Engineers

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