Effective eye-catching results.

Adhesive technology for flexographic cardboard box printing.


The only way forward in flexographic cardboard box printing leads to permanent process and quality optimisation. After all, packaging serves so much more than just a basic protective function. Packaging is becoming an ever more critical element of product and brand showcasing.

Whether you're looking for eye-catching results or to create a visual highlight at the point of sale, Lohmann is the perfect partner to help achieve your goals. Our adhesive technology allows a perfect printed image, while the printing plate mounting can be configured for any solution.



The high quality polymer foam that has already gained recognition for its excellent performance in the DuploFLEX® HP range makes another appearance in the DuploFLEX® CB range. Due to its closed cell structure, it easily regains its original shape and has high stable compressibility. Furthermore it prevents 'wash board' effects.

Equally important is the fact that our high quality polymer foam, unlike open foam, is resistant to water and solvents.

Meets every need

PET film carrier or single-sided adhesive high quality polymer foam – whatever your needs, the DuploFLEX® CB range provides you with the tools to create perfect results in flexographic cardboard box printing.

Practical for your storeroom

Individual colour-coding on each set of packaging allows easy product identification. In addition, all DuploFLEX® packaging is fully recyclable. You can save not only the environment, but your own disposal costs too. Call us today and let our experts answer any questions you may have.

You need:

Perfect results from flexographic cardboard box printing


The DuploFLEX® solution:

Optimum elastic recovery

No uncontrolled dot gain

Perfect printing on the widest range of corrugated cardboard

Resistant to water and solvents

Selection of various thicknesses, with either a PET film carrier or self-adhesive on one side

Easy to position due to closed cell foam surface

Preassembled on one side for easy fixing to the rail

Customer-specific solutions


Your benefits:

Decisive competitive edge